At Clarkebond we pride ourselves on our distinctive and enduring culture, on the quality and breadth of our professional service bringing originality, creativity and achievability to the solutions we deliver.


Clarkebond provides a wide range of core engineering services. Our integrated, multi-disciplined teams provide individual and team expertise across all sectors, public and private, tailoring solutions to specific client needs and requirements

Our Projects

Our Core Values

As engineers, we are collectively responsible for delivering and enhancing the built environment recognising its impact on our greater natural and social development. As a company we are responsible and professional to a tee, for the welfare of both our employees and our clients.

We value strong personal working relationships, offering insight and expertise to our clients, and we are always just a phone-call away from a colleague that can offer you a specialist’s viewpoint. You won’t be waiting for weeks for us to consult other companies or experts.

Clarkebond is the go-to company for your engineering projects. Our skilled team is large enough to design incredible structures, but still offering you a personal service. Our team is here to lead you all the way.

Our expert team thrives on being creatively challenged and takes pride in providing skills and the knowledge to deliver.

We have a passion for everything engineering, giving back to communities and making the world a better place. Clarkebond is a growing dynamic company with an international reach.