Bristol CivSoc GURE 2022

31 Oct 22

Bristol CivSoc GURE 2022

On the 25th of October, the 7th Annual Graduate and Undergraduate Recruitment Evening was hosted by Bristol CivSoc (Civil Engineering Society). This eagerly awaited event served as a platform for both industry professionals and students alike, facilitating meaningful connections and fostering career opportunities.

As one of the esteemed representatives from 15 institutes, Clarkebond proudly showcased our range of graduate and undergraduate placement programs.

The event drew in a crowd of over 100 enthusiastic students, curious and a desire to explore potential career paths. It provided them with an insightful glimpse into the possibilities that lie ahead upon completing their studies.

We understand that deciding on a career path can be daunting, especially as formal education comes to a close. During this transformative period, it’s natural for uncertainty to take hold, and the multitude of choices can easily become overwhelming. That’s when the invaluable guidance and support of mentors and professionals truly become essential.

Our representatives, Vicky Karavatsi and Sam Bartley, took the stage to share their journeys and experience working in this industry.

Their captivating presentations shed light on the diverse experiences and multitude of opportunities available in this dynamic field. The students actively participated by posing thought-provoking questions, igniting stimulating discussions that further enriched the learning experience.

At Clarkebond, we are passionate about supporting aspiring engineers and nurturing their talent. Our involvement in events like the Bristol CivSoc Recruitment Evening demonstrates our commitment to fostering connections and empowering the next generation of civil engineers.

We believe in providing students not only with networking opportunities but also with a tangible glimpse into the vast possibilities that await them in the industry.

Bristol Civil Engineering Society

Clarkebond Staff attending the CIVSOC recruitment evening for graduate and undergraduate students