Hydrology, Flood Management & Planning

Clarkebond offers a range of hydrology and flood risk services to assist developers, architects, planners and local authorities achieve their development vision within the parameters set by local and national planning policies regardless of the project or potential land use.

This support includes land promotion, planning application support and implementation of flood risk mitigation measures including the discharge of planning conditions.

We have experienced teams of professionals who have considerable knowledge of policies, legislation, best practice guidelines and procedures relevant to the water industry and town and country planning.

We use our skill and experience to achieve results that satisfy our clients’ interests, the requirements of regulators and the aspirations of the new communities that will benefit from the solutions we design.

Our teams use the latest thinking, tools and techniques to identify sustainable solutions and set out a robust evidence base to underpin proposals.

Multi-disciplinary working is an important part of what we do, not only with our engineering colleagues but with our client and consultant teams.

Service :

  • Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) and Flood Consequence Assessments (FCAs) including renewable energy generation and energy storage schemes
  • Strategic Flood Risk Assessments (SFRAs) and Strategic Flood Consequence Assessments (SFCAs) including Level 2 assessments
  • SuDS Proof of Concept Statements
  • Drainage strategies (planning and implementation)
  • Master-planning and site development support
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)/Environmental Statement (ES) for the water environment (including preparation of ES Scoping Report and ES Technical Chapter)
  • 1D, 2D hydraulic modelling and assessments (flood mapping, flood alleviation schemes, project appraisal reports (PARs))
  • Development of flood mitigation options (including flood management plans (FMPs) and flood compensation schemes); also provision of design and construction support
  • Scour assessments, river bank re-instatement and remedial works
  • Hydrological investigations (including hydrological monitoring and hydrologic investigative surveys)
  • Due diligence studies (including post-flood assessments for flood insurance)
  • Flood risk appraisal of listed, Victorian buildings to allow for retrofitting of flood protection and resilience
  • Catchment hydrology and water impact studies
  • Micro-hydropower schemes feasibility studies
  • Planning Appeals (expert witness and technical statements), and technical witness for examination in public enquiries (EIPs)



Seymour D’Oyley – seymourd’ or 0117 929 2244

Mercedes Uden – or 01392 369 098