Resilience & Recovery

Our resilience and recovery services are led by a combination of key individuals with unique experience who have been actively involved with major international natural disasters and man-made incidents.

They are leaders in their field, researching processes and techniques, presenting papers and seminars and liaising with recognised academic establishments and institutions to assist in the advancement of this specialist field.

Through our strategic alliances we provide Third Sector technical support within the built environment operating across Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Where possible, we aim to form strategic alliances with other built environment practitioners within these regions to deliver technical services ensuring a more sustainable approach to improving resilience and capacity building.

Management of major international development and key research for policy making initiatives has entailed successful coordination with international government bodies, security services, global companies and local agencies to fulfil our ultimate professional objective – to influence responsibility and culture within global organisations and authorities.

With over twenty-five years’ experience, our focused management approach, coordinating all our specialists, looks at the pre- and post-event issues; identifying and considering all major built environment risks and the design through scenario-based events such as explosion, flooding, earthquakes or industrial accidents.

We are equipped to respond to specific incidents, undertaking forensic engineering investigation, supported by our in-house Specialist Engineering Services, to identify the scope of reinstatement works and assist in the preparation of Post Disaster Needs Assessment Reports.

Service :

  • Hazard & threat review
  • Risk analysis
  • Built environment earthquake vulnerability
  • Built environment hurricane vulnerability
  • Blast engineering & impact modelling
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Geo-Technical / Geo-Environmental Assessments
  • Security planning consultancy
  • Forensic engineering
  • Loss evaluation & claims management
  • Building & infrastructure reinstatement


Bill Keane- or 020 7939 0959