Flood management: mitigating risks, minimising costs and maximising opportunities

26 Jan 21

Flood management: mitigating risks, minimising costs and maximising opportunities

Renewed focus on the effects of our changing climate such as the increasing frequency of extreme flooding have highlighted the need for more robust and comprehensive assessments of flood risk as part of the planning and development process.

Clarkebond’s Hydrology, Flood Management and Planning teams have extensive experience in undertaking these and other technical assessments across the UK in accordance with local and national planning policies and flood risk guidance. We also undertake strategic flood studies to support larger regional schemes such as local development plans.

“But essentially,” comments Seymour D’Oyley, Clarkebond’s Head of Hydrology and Flood Risk, “it’s all about having a clear understanding of the key issues, mitigating risks, minimising costs while maximising opportunities, and using our experience and expertise to find solutions for tricky problems.”

Our practical experience of working with developers, architects, planners, engineers, contractors and project managers, ensures that we deliver workable solutions that address the needs of our clients and stakeholders. Our understanding of regulatory requirements and processes enables us to negotiate outcomes acceptable both to the client and regulator. 

This expertise enabled the commercial potential of a seven-storey, 274-room Premier Inn on a former college site in Southwark, London, to be significantly increased. A technical flood risk submission from Clarkebond satisfied the Local Authority that construction of bedrooms in the building’s basement would be safe under all reasonably foreseeable circumstances, based on current guidance. More info.

Similarly, Clarkebond’s flood risk analysis, drainage investigation and design were key to the progress of a £225m commercial / residential / leisure development in Bristol. The site was at risk of flooding from the harbour and a range of mitigation measures was designed and specified by Clarkebond and were incorporated into the development. More info

The conclusion of a detailed Strategic Flood Risk Consequence Assessment (SFCA) carried out by Clarkebond for Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council gave confidence to the Local Authority Development Plan and provided a ‘toolbox’ of information for potential developers and planning applicants once the plan was approved. 

Clarkebond’s services include:

* Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs), Flood Consequences Assessments (FCAs) etc. for a range of development-types including renewable energy generation and energy storage schemes

* Strategic FRA’s, Strategic Flood Consequences Assessments etc.

* Drainage strategies and design (planning and implementation)

* Master-planning and site development support

* Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)/Environmental Statement (ES) for the water environment

* 1D, 2D hydraulic modelling and assessments (flood mapping, flood alleviation schemes, project appraisal reports (PARs) etc.)

* Scour assessments, riverbank re-instatement and remedial works

* Bespoke hydrological investigations and surveys (including hydrological monitoring and investigative surveys)

* Due diligence studies (including assessments for flood insurance purposes)

* Flood risk appraisal of listed, Victorian buildings etc. to allow for retrofitting of flood protection and resilience

* Catchment hydrology and water impact studies

* Micro-hydropower schemes feasibility studies

* Planning Appeals (expert witness and technical statements), and technical witness for examination in public enquiries (EIPs).

Our team can advise you on the scope and size of the services required and can provide a no obligation quote for undertaking the work. Our costs are always transparent and staged payments can be developed for specific elements as each is required. As a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy, Clarkebond can also provide advice and design solutions for other aspects of your site and scheme development.

For more information contact:

Seymour D’Oyley – seymourd’ or 0117 929 2244
Mercedes Uden – or 01392 369 098