Flowerdown Retail Park – Remediation of existing SuDS car park

13 Jun 23

Flowerdown Retail Park – Remediation of existing SuDS car park
Project Detail

The scope of this project involved the remediation of an existing Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) car park and the provision of drive-thru access to a new fast-food restaurant. The objective was to improve the functionality and accessibility of the car park while implementing sustainable features.

Our Involvement

Our involvement in this project encompassed the initial investigation work, optioneering, and the remediation process for a failing car park situated in an out-of-town retail park in Weston-Super-Mare. Additionally, our team was responsible for creating additional drive lanes to facilitate the opening of a Burger King restaurant in one of the previously vacant units within the car park.


A key aspect of this project was the implementation of a SuDS car park, which aimed to enhance water quality runoff before it entered the sewer system. By incorporating sustainable drainage practices, the project contributed to the overall improvement of environmental sustainability in the area.

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Appointment Process

Our involvement in this project was through a direct award by the project manager, based on our expertise and experience in similar undertakings.

Challenges and Resolutions

One of the main challenges encountered during the project was coordinating the construction phases to minimise disruption to the business operating within the retail park. To address this, carefully phasing plans were developed, ensuring that all business could remain operational throughout the project.

Additionally, there were delays caused by the availability of Western Power Distribution (WPD), which necessitated quick adjustments to the phasing plans. Their adjustments were necessary to ensure that the work was completed before the busy Christmas shopping period.

Furthermore, planning delays arose due to changes required for the entrance to address local concerns. These changes impacted the project’s phasing but were successfully managed to ensure the Burger King unit opened on time.

Relationship with the Team

Our collaboration with the rest of the team was characterised by excellence and a cohesive working environment. We maintained effective communication and coordination with all stakeholders involved in the project.

Relationship with the Client

While we did not have prior experience working with the end client, we established a good working relationship with the project manager. Our effective collaboration with the project manager contributed to the smooth execution of the project.

Client Satisfaction and Feedback

We believe that the client is satisfied with the overall outcome of the project. We are currently in the process of obtaining feedback to further evaluate their level of satisfaction.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

No specific KPIs were specified for this project.


Although this project did not introduce revolutionary innovations, the enhancements made to the existing SuDS car park system are seen as a commendable stride forward. Particularly noteworthy is the project’s response to the growing prevalence of remediating historical SuDS features. By setting a positive example, this endeavor paves the way for future sustainable developments.

Added Value

Throughout the project, we delivered added value by carefully planning and implementing construction phasing that best suited the needs of the business in the retail park. By optimising the workflow of the contractors, we ensured minimal disruption to the ongoing operations of the business. Our proactive involvement and hands-on approach played pivotal roles in driving the successful completion of the project, making a significant contribution despite the absence of explicit mention of social value.

Potential for Future Work

Our positive working relationship with both the project manager and the contactor positions us well for potential future collaborations. We have received inquires from the project manager and contactor, indicating a likelihood of additional work opportunities.

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