Hengrove Progress

28 May 24

Hengrove Progress

Clarkebond is currently working on a 6-storey residential and retail development in Hengrove, adjacent to South Bristol Community Hospital Car Park on The Boulevard. This building employs a raft footing foundation along with a 425 mm thick flat slab on the first floor, serving as a transfer structure to support the light steel framing system from that floor to the roof.

Clarkebond is working with Eoin Flynn Limited, appointed by The Hill Group, to oversee the construction of the superstructures. By choosing a raft footing foundation instead of a pile foundation, we have been able to achieve significant cost savings for the Hengrove project.

One design challenge involves coordinating the service openings in both the raft footing and the flat slab. Another critical aspect is designing masonry support that can handle the load of a 3-storey masonry wall. Currently, construction is proceeding smoothly with the focus on completing the first-floor flat slab. We look forward to providing more updates as the project progresses.

Photos by The Hill Group