Lovedon Fields

27 Jun 22

Lovedon Fields

“Lovedon Fields is a 50-home residential scheme that forms a new edge to the village of Kings Worthy in Hampshire. From a single point of access off Lovedon Lane, the houses cluster around the upper part of the site around a triangular open space – the Grove. An avenue, with houses on both sides, runs along the lower contours and re-defines the village edge against a new 4.6ha park.”

We provided civil and structural engineering services for the project, designing the sites infrastructure, foundations, and the assisting with the superstructure designs. The client (HAB Housing) sought to produce truly unique environments and communities by creating a very different version of a modern housing estate and allowing the home buyers as much flexibility and choice in the design of their home as possible.

We worked closely with the design team (John Pardy Architects, BBA Architects, BD Landscape) to provide open plan, flexible houses in which the internal layout could be easily re-configured to the different options available. It is a testament to the design team that these aspirations were achieved with the project winning the RIBA South Award 2022/RIBA National Award 2022 alongside a thriving community now enjoying these stunning homes.

We are pleased to have been involved in the project which has delivered a great outcome for the residents, and it is wonderful to see it win!

Lovedon Fields - Photographed by Jim Stephenson 2021
Lovedon Fields by JPA. Copyright Jim Stephenson 2021

Photos by Jim Stephenson – Architectural and Interiors Photographer – Portfolio (

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