Our People


Bill Keane


Bill is a leading specialist in disaster management and recovery and over the past 25 years has been involved with the consequences of many of the major disaster and terrorist incidents in the UK providing post event building recovery and renewal expertise to property owners, developers, designers and insurers. He leads Clarkebond’s building resilience and recovery team; a network of specialists across Clarkebond.

Bill is also responsible for the management and delivery of clarkebond’s structural projects across the south east with specific knowledge in the refurbishment of listed buildings, party wall matters and due diligence surveys for blue chip international clients.

Bill sits on the RICS President’s Commission for Major Disaster Management, leading the research and development of protocols for government agencies, NGO’s, contractors, architects and consultants and independently regularly writes papers and conducts seminars on disaster management.

+44 (0)20 7939 0959