Our People


Sandra Rubiano

Associate Director 

As an Associate Director at Clarkebond, Sandra brings extensive experience in safety and engineering to optimise the performance, compliance, and sustainability of a variety of asset portfolios.

With over a decade of hands-on involvement in the construction sector, Sandra has worked closely with well-known architectural firms like CBRE, Adamson Associates, and Sandberg, consistently delivering high-quality solutions for complex design challenges.

Sandra possesses strong communication and strategic planning skills, enabling seamless collaboration with clients, contractors, and stakeholders. She excels at managing projects form inception to completion, ensuring that every detail is carefully considered.

Sandra is deeply committed to promoting safety and resilience in the built environment, always seeking opportunities for learning and innovation. Her passion for these values aligns perfectly with Clarkebond’s mission to revolutionise the real estate industry.

In her new role, she is eager to contribute to the company’s ongoing success and support its vision of delivering exceptional outcomes for clients and communities.

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