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Arthur Street, Erith, Kent

A detailed planning application is being prepared for a continuation of the award winning Erith Park development in Erith, Kent. Arthur Street will follow on from Phases 1 and 2 which won the RICS London Regeneration Project of the year 2016.

Clarkebond provided civil, structural and geo-environmental engineering services on phases 1 and 2, a £130m, 10 ha mixed residential development and are now progressing plans for Arthur Street. This development will comprise nine new 4-7 storey residential buildings, some of which will be sitting over transfer podium slabs to accommodate undercroft car parking.

The Arthur Street development will continue the transformation of an area previously renowned for social disorder into a desirable location.

Demolition of existing 1970s tower blocks will be required before construction can start and the target is for zero arisings to be moved off site. Clarkebond aim to achieve this through careful reprofiling and landscaping designs that will accommodate the estimated 20.000m3 of demolition arisings.

Clarkebond are also designing a new access road through the site and providing a drainage strategy including deep soakaways into the natural chalk.

The proximity of the site to the railway line requires agreement and licences to be in place with Network Rail and Clarkebond’s rail division is assisting with this.

Apartment blocks will accommodate a variety of unit sizes and are designed to allow for conventional concrete frame construction with little or no recourse to transfer structures, providing a significant cost advantage, assisting viability of the essentially public and affordable housing development.

Phase 1 is complete, Phase 2 was due for completion by 2018, and detailed plans for Arthur Street were submitted for approval shortly afterwards.

Project Facts

Clarkebond provided civil, structural and geo-environmental engineering services. £130m, 10 Ha mixed residential development. Desirable London location