Our Projects

Molson Group, Avonmouth

From its existing Head Office in Avonmouth, Molson Group has operated for a number of years. In order to improve the depot, refurbishment works were planned to a steel frame warehouse, drainage and external yard areas.

Now with 10 extra service bays and an overhead gantry crane, they can fully service and repair their heaviest equipment. The project involved adding doorways and supporting frames, constructing new office and welfare facilities, and extensively enhancing the external yard areas.

To enhance the depot, Clarkebond planned refurbishment works for a steel frame warehouse, the drainage system, and the external yard areas. Take a look at the latest expansion to the Molson Group head office service centre at Avonmouth, Bristol in the fly through.

See a video of what we created here 

Project Facts

  • Clarkebond was appointed to undertake investigations of the existing foundation and steelwork to the warehouse
  • To provide additional foundations and new support steelwork
  • Additional loading and wind bracing to bring the warehouse up to current standards.
  • Molson Group is the UK’s largest independent new and used plant and equipment dealer.