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Sittwe General Hospital, Myanmar

Clarkebond was asked to assist Rangoon General Hospital Reinvigoration Charitable Trust (RGHR) with the development of the master plan for the redevelopment of the Sittwe Hospital site.

The existing facilities at Sittwe General Hospital are in a very poor condition. The standard of the infrastructure and the layout of the hospital is compromising the ability of staff to carry out their roles and is affecting the dignity and wellbeing of patients and staff.

The hospital is essential to providing medical services to the people of Rakhine State. The challenge of delivering healthcare to Rakhine State is immense. It is made harder by the shortage of medical staff, the inadequate facilities, the transportation difficulties and the marginalisation of some communities.

All these challenges need to be addressed in the wider field of organisational and Sittwe General Hospital has the potential to begin the journey of providing better healthcare for all. The Masterplan provides a framework for significant improvements to Sittwe General Hospital and sets out a road map for their implementation.

While focussing on the physical environment and infrastructure of the hospital, the Masterplan also identifies that the organisation, management and technical capacity of staff needs to be improved as well. In addition, local people within and around the hospital need to be aware of the proposals and consulted on the implementation of the Masterplan and wider healthcare reform.

The Design Team for the Masterplan of Sittwe General Hospital consists of Architects specialising in international development, Health Facility Planners, Structural Engineers, Building Services Engineers and Civil Engineers, all with experience of working with medical facilities in Myanmar.

The approach of the team has been to provide solutions which are appropriate to the particular context of Sittwe and Rakhine State. The proposals made within the Masterplan are practical, realisable steps which define a route to a better hospital in the future.

Our role was to provide advice on above and below ground drainage engineering and Sustainable Urban Drainage (SuDs). The report produced provides an overview of the current condition of the services (based on our site visit and information provided) and outlines a strategy for proposed upgrades.

It also identifies a list of potential ‘quick win’ interventions which could be implemented in the short term to help get the hospital improved.

Project Facts

  • Sittwe General Hospital is the most important healthcare facility in Rakhine State.
  • Clarkebond provided advice for above and below ground Drainage Engineering and Sustainable Urban drainage.
  • Sittwe General Hospital can be the only point of call for communities such as Muslim Rakhine, whose movement is restricted. 
  • The project was undertaken on behalf of the United Nations Operations.