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Yangon General Hospital, Myanmar

Yangon General Hospital sits in a crucial position within the healthcare economy of Yangon and Wider Myanmar.

In its role as the official teaching hospital of the University of Medicine Yangon, Institute of Nursing Yangon and University of Paramedical Science it is responsible for training approximately one third of the country’s medical workforce.

A century of use and unplanned growth has left the hospital in a state of poor repair, with ad hoc alterations leading to flooding in the rainy season of both the foul and surface water drains.

Clarkebond has provided some immediate help with repairs which lead to the reopening of one of the wards that had been closed due to flooding, correcting a damaged drain run where a new building had been built over it and also for the first time in 20 years avoided the main building becoming flooded.

Following on from this work YGH commissioned a complete survey and repair package of work as the below ground sewage system has few records of the drainage systems that serve the hospital due to the age and other factors. There have been areas of development across the site, where no design drawings have been provided or any as-built records produced following construction.

Clarkebond has been providing support to YGH to deal with technical matters arising during the cleaning and surveying of the kilometres of surface channel drains and below ground drainage systems and is now analysing the data to provide repair and improvement solutions to the drainage systems that YGH can implement to correct the numerous defects.

Project Facts

  • YGH delivers care to the 6 million inhabitants of Yangon
  • Employs 1800 staff, including 300 doctors and 480 nurses looking after its patients 
  • Across 29 specialisms