Quality and Environmental Policy

Policy Statement

Clarkebond (UK) Limited is a limited liability company offering design and allied services for capital civil and structural engineering projects.

The company is committed to meet the statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to all the services offered.

It is committed to an integrated management programme that will ensure the services provided to clients will meet the specified contractual obligations.

It is committed to the protection of the environment, preventing pollution and improving sustainability in both its activities and outputs for projects.

A framework for establishing IMS objectives has been set up by the directors and is reviewed by senior management with a commitment to continually improve the effectiveness of the integrated management system.

It is company policy that all directors and staff operate at all times within the policies, procedures and guidelines laid down in the firm’s IMS documents.

Extent of Application of Integrated Management System

The firm’s IMS is intended to control the quality and management of services provided on project appointments covering report and advisory work, design, construction and environmental monitoring. In addition it shall mitigate commercial risks associated with such projects which represent threats to the company.

The directors do not contract to release to clients any of the firm’s general or project related quality system management records kept to check compliance with the system. Such documents are to remain confidential to the directors.

The execution of projects within the framework of the firm’s IMS requirements requires that a Project Quality Plan is established for the quality management of each individual project as described in Section 5 of this manual.

The IMS is intended to reduce the firm’s environmental impact of our workplace and our projects.

The firm has been assessed by the British Assessment Bureau who have certified that the firms IMS meets the requirements of:

BS EN ISO 9001, Certificate No. 228798

BS EN ISO 14001, Certificate No. 228799

BS EN ISO 19650-2, Certificate No. 229766

Monitoring of Integrated Management System

The Directors have the authority and responsibility for monitoring the use of the IMS and for ensuring that the above policies are being implemented, and to consider the need for changes.

Staff are required to contribute positively to the making of improvements to the system by notifying the Technical Services Monitor of any changes or improvements they wish to be considered. All feedback reports received will be addressed.


Neil Marks
Director Group Systems
Clarkebond (UK) Limited
28th July 2023